We appreciate how hard it can be for nursery owners and managers to find suitable candidates to work in their nurseries.

Over recent years, there seems to be a lot more vacancies out there than suitable and reliable staff members. It can be very frustrating when the vast majority of candidates tend to only want part-time or term-time positions within a 20 minute walk of where they live. It makes that search for credible, full-time workers so much harder for nursery owners.

This is where we come in to help relieve some of the stress in finding those credible and hard-working candidates. Our team of consultants work day in and day out, to find the best childcare talent out there. We realise that when a good candidate comes on to the market they tend to get snapped up pretty quickly. So it's our aim to try and find them just as they're beginning their job search and get them out to see our clients as quickly as possible so as not to miss out. 

It's our hard work and diligence in this process that has helped get us to where we are today and will help us to continue to grow as an organisation help all the clients that we work with.

If you do have vacancies that you would like our help with,

please get in contact now:


Email: nellys@workwithkids.co.uk